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ZCHSnSb 8-4 babbitt metal

ZCHSnSb 8-4 babbitt metal

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ZCHSnSb 8-4 babbitt metalBelong to tin-based alloy is mainly used for: cement ball mill, compressor, calender, turbine, turbine, compressor, turbine pump, rapid internal combustion engine, ball mill, mineral processing equipment bearings, metal mill, bushing, bushing, machine tool alloy sliding pad block, grinding machine support pad casting block and other large mechanical bearing. It is also mechanical seal, elevator, sling, wire rope head fastening and other filling products. Properties: massive, with silver-white metallic luster; Thrust sliding bearing is different from other sliding bearings. In thrust bearing, it is used to fix the drive shaft, and carries the axial force from the drive shaft (i.e. the force direction is consistent with the axial direction), and has thrust effect. The part of thrust bearing supporting the bearing is called the journal, and the parts matching the journal are called the bearing bush. In liquid lubrication condition, the sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, still can greatly reduce the friction loss and the surface abrasion, long service life, often used in high speed and heavy load parts, oil film also have certain vibration absorbing ability, so the sliding bearing work steady, reliable, no noise, so the customer chooses tin base babbitt.

We have been one of the largest and well-known suppliers to the steel industry. HANHUANG has long been committed to the development of alloys and other special steels. Innovation platforms such as the key Laboratory of Advanced Alloys, the National Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry, the Alloy Engineering and Technology Research Center, and the Railway Rolling stock Steel Structure Engineering and Technology Research Center have been established.

product nameTin alloy
Particle size300
Melting point270
advantagesLong cycle of pressure resistance
Welding current220V
coefficient of friction0.003

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When alloying elements are added to steel, iron and carbon, the basic components of steel, interact with alloying elements. The purpose of steel alloying is to improve the microstructure and properties of steel by the interaction of alloying elements with iron and carbon and the influence on the phase diagram of iron and carbon and the heat treatment of steel.


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