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ZCHSnSb 1-16-1 babbitt metal

ZCHSnSb 1-16-1 babbitt metal

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ZCHSnSb 1-16-1 babbitt metal Belong to lead base alloy has better compliance, anti-bite, lead base alloy friction coefficient strength, economic use, high qualified efficiency, some compressive strength and hardness. Widely used in cement machinery, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, compression machinery, and other large equipment bearing, bushing. Able to bear the pressure of a rotating shaft. Good plasticity and impact toughness, in order to withstand vibration and impact load, so that the shaft and bearing with good surface performance, that is, good anti-bite, compliance and embedding, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and small coefficient of thermal expansion. The hardness, strength and toughness of lead-based alloy are lower than that of tin-based bearing alloy, but the friction coefficient is larger, the price is cheaper, and the casting performance is good. It is often used to manufacture bearings bearing medium and low loads, such as crankshafts, connecting rod bearings and motor bearings of automobiles and tractors, but its working temperature cannot exceed 120℃. Lead the organization characteristic of babbitt is, in the soft phase matrix uniformly distributed on the hard phase particle, soft phase matrix make babbitt has good embedded hidden, compliance and resistance to bite, and after running-in, soft base concave, hard point outward, make form tiny space between the sliding surface, a storage space and channel the lubricating oil, good anti-friction; The convex hard point is used for supporting

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product nameleadbasealloy
Shape:Rod, round bars
Main ingredientsTin lead
Extension degree5.5
Melting point240℃
compressive strength8
characteristicSmall friction coefficient, no grinding shaft, conformal and inlaid plastic, corrosion resistance

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When alloying elements are added to steel, iron and carbon, the basic components of steel, interact with alloying elements. The purpose of steel alloying is to improve the microstructure and properties of steel by the interaction of alloying elements with iron and carbon and the influence on the phase diagram of iron and carbon and the heat treatment of steel.


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